Has the last month of Australian politics worn you out? Are you tired? Are you sick of the same old drama rearing its head on our national stage? Is your apathy rising?

It’s more important than ever that you don’t switch off. It’s time for you to do something.

We can’t expect better from our community unless we demand better from ourselves and from the people around us.

Traditional politics and party structures may have turned stale, but we help no one by sitting on the sidelines and complaining. You can make change in your own community without needing a politician to do it for you. The smallest actions and positive gestures can  have a major impact on improving the lives of all Australians

Frustrated by sexism? Have that tough conversation with a family member about their behaviour.

Sick of homophobia? Challenge your mates when they make homophobic jibes.

Disgusted by racism? Fight the stereotypes.

Stand up and be the change you want to see.

Australia has some of the highest volunteering rates in the world. You’d be surprised how many people also want to see change happen and are willing to stand up and change it for themselves.

So I issue you a challenge:

Next time you’re angry about something in our community pick up the phone and ask a friend “what can we do to change this?”.

Call a community organisation and ask “How can I help?”.

Write to that person you admire for making change and give them the support and the inspiration to keep going.

No matter how big or small your contribution – do something and you never know – your gesture of change could lead to change in our whole community. It has to start from somewhere.

Change only happens when we do something.

What ways do you see people making change in your community? What projects or organisations are you involved in? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter at @JB_AU