Last week one of my favourite Australian musicians Clare Bowditch posted an interesting question on Facebook for her fans and followers:

Is this something you suspect about yourself? Clare then went on to explain:

These posts and the attached article really got my brain buzzing. I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly sensitive person. I feel the people, the mood and the environment around me very deep and I must admit that once upon a time I thought of this as a real weakness in myself. I used to think that being sensitive was a burden that I and my friends had to endure on a regular basis. Eventually this became an excuse to hide my sensitivities and pretend they didn’t exist.

Thankfully the last few years have proven me completely wrong. I now see my sensitivity as one of my biggest strengths. When I harness my sensitivity and embrace it – I achieve great things. All of my greatest personal and professional achievements wouldn’t have been possible without my sensitivity. Like anything in life it’s about getting the balance right – embracing your sensitive side without letting it paralyse you.

Are you a sensitive person? If so, be proud. It’s a great strength to learn within yourself and can drive you to do great things.

Thanks for sparking the thought Clare! It was a great moment for reflection. Here’s one of Clare’s tracks touching on these very themes: