Can’t keep track of the acronym for your community? Time for a change.



Working in the not for profit/community space you get very used to acronyms very quickly. Whilst identifiers for specific communities can be useful for collecting data and watching trends within sections of the population, it can also be very confusing to keep up with and often counter productive when it comes to representation of diverse communities.

That’s why I loved this statement so much from StartOut Australia:

DSG is Diverse Sexuality and Gender. It’s still an acronym, but we think it’s way more inclusive than LGBTIQabcdefg

I’m extremely passionate about the impact of language on our lives – particularly for young people who are “DSG”. I think there’s a fine balance between language that embraces diversity and allowing people to embrace labels should they choose to do so. My belief is that we need a stronger focus on the values underpinning diversity and diversity being more than just creating more labels, but a culture and a philosophy.

Good job StartOut Australia – I look forward to seeing your work develop.


3 thoughts on “Can’t keep track of the acronym for your community? Time for a change.

  1. I’m big on “Sex, sexuality and gender diverse.” When we were setting up Star Observer Digital and had a meeting with some of the staff at the Gender Centre they found it’s a term that includes all members of the LGBTIQPAC society without, as you comment, can seem like a bit of a mouthful.

  2. I don’t like it. To me, it sounds like it was made by a committee made up of three of four other committees. Just stinks of corporate speak.

    Personally, I just like “queer” as a catch-all. I do recognise that it still has negative connotations for some, but I’m very in favour of using it as a badge of pride, much like how “geek” has gone from an insult to a compliment in the last 10-20 years.

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