I commit (1)I commit to being an ethical media maker.

I will strive to live up to these values in every piece of content I make. I recognise that being fair and ethical in my content making is a lifelong journey and I may make mistakes, but I will always seek to learn and to do better.

I promise to:

1. Always consider the impact of my content on the audience.

I recognise that the content I make can have a wide range of impacts on the audience. I will always consider those impacts and ensure they are not without purpose. Where my content is likely to have negative impacts or cause distress it will be justified and I will ensure the audience have access to appropriate support.

2. Always consider the impact of what I produce on my subjects.

If I am producing content about people or communities of people I will consider the impacts (whether direct or indirect) my work may have on them. If a person or a community of people are the subject of my work I will seek to include them in the process. Where this is not possible I will weigh the public interest of my content against the potential impacts.

 3. Attribute the work and contributions of others.

When I am using, remixing or adapting the work of others I will ensure they are appropriately attributed. When my content is a work of collaboration I will provide clear and appropriate credit.

4. Be clear about potential conflicts of interest or relationships.

If there is a potential conflict of interest or a relationship which may impact my work I will be upfront about these conflicts or relationships. I will also investigate the potential conflicts and relationships of those I collaborate with. I recognise that the integrity of my work relies on this.

5. Produce content that has a positive impact on our society.

My aim is to produce content that will have a positive impact on our society. I will not produce content with a negative intent. I will choose educating over manipulating.  I will seek to add to collective knowledge and understanding rather than take away from it.

What would you add to your own ethical media manifesto? I consider this a working document and I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Leave a comment here or send me your ideas to @JB_AU on Twitter.