Follow this now: Humans of New York


A couple of months ago one of my colleagues excitedly told me about ‘Humans of New York’ – a simple concept that profiles New Yorkers with a photo and a short quote.

I’m so glad she told me about it. Humans of New York has been a daily delight. It has made me laugh, burst out in tears, question myself, question others and go through a whole range of emotions. The stories are quirky, poignant, diverse and interesting.

It’s amazing how such a simple idea can be so powerful. You can find Humans of New York on Facebook and on Twitter. It’s a must-follow.


I’m aware there are many other “Humans of…” pages around. Do you have any other favourites? Let me know!

Photography – getting started


As I mentioned earlier in the week I’ve invested in a new digital camera and I’m starting to get back into photography more seriously after a few years off. Thanks for your tips – particularly for some classes around Melbourne to try out!

I’m in my “experimental phase” with the camera and learning to stretch my abilities and discover what the camera is capable of. It’s so much fun to walk around your city with a new camera – you start noticing little things you would have walked past without a second thought and almost everything becomes an opportunity for a photo. Our dogs may be a little sick of being turned into models this last week too!

I’m posting my favourite photos and experiments up on Flickr (JB_AU88). I would love your thoughts and ideas for fun  photo opportunities or challenges I can take up.


What are your photography tips?


This week I invested in a new camera (the Olympus OM-D EM-1) to challenge and test my photography skills. As a media maker I think it’s important to stretch yourself and develop your skills in a wide range of ways and for me photography is one of my next steps. Strong, high resolution photography drives so much design nowadays that I’ve committed myself to learning more.

What have you done to build your photography skills? What are your photography tips? I’d love to hear what you’ve done to build your skills.