The tool you need for editing on the go

If you find yourself out and about, but need to do some quick image editing (particularly for social media) Photoshop Express on iOS is a great little tool for the basics.

I use it mostly to crop and prepare photos or screenshots I’ve taken on my phone, but for a free app it’s got a surprisingly high level of functionality. It’s got a clean and simple design and gets most of your basic image editing done with ease.

My favourite trick is when I find a great quote too long for a tweet I’ll screenshot it, open it up in Photoshop Express, crop and tweet out the image instead – very useful when a killer quote is just a little too long for Twitter.

Check it out Photoshop Express on the App Store.


What apps help you out on the go? Would love to hear your favourites.

Great tool for making easy social media and graphic designs



I’m not a graphic designer. I’m usually one of the first to ask designer friends to “make something look pretty” or “make my document not-ugly”, but recently I got access to an early beta of Canva – a web based image and graphic editor.

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 5.16.13 pm

Canva gives you a suite of basic designs to work from for a number of popular social networks and basic design types. It’s ridiculously easy to use and you can even undertake some tutorials to teach you a little bit about basic design. Considering I don’t have access to any high end design software the fact that I can access Canva from anywhere with internet access has been extremely useful.

It’s a really quick and easy way to make basic social media images and graphic designs. It doesn’t completely replace asking my designer friends to make my design work “un-ugly”, but now at least I don’t need to bug them so often.

Canva is a really useful tool for those of us clueless about graphic design. It’s free (though some elements are paid) and it’s well worth having a play with.